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ecommerce digital marketing agency

E-commerce digital marketing tactics with Rampiq

Focus on maximizing revenue

While you manage your day-to-day operations, our ecommerce agency can execute sales-focused marketing campaigns that target your ideal customers and fill shopping carts.

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Leverage data and analytics

Learn more than you ever knew you could about your audience and how they engage with your brand and your store. Use these insights to reduce churn rate, lower your customer acquisition costs, and extend their lifetime value.

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Sync inventory with your Ad campaigns

Accuracy between your online store and your e-commerce digital marketing campaigns improves conversions and sales. Ensure accurate syncing between your store and ad accounts (Google merchant store, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc.)

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Target non-branded traffic for growth

Non-branded keywords enhance your brand awareness and visibility, helping to attract organic traffic and improve the ROI on your paid search. Most ecommerce stores find non-branded keywords as one of the best ways to generate leads and complement your branded marketing campaigns.

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Boost organic SEO

Bolster your search engine optimization efforts with proven approaches that go beyond keywords to address time on site, page speed, bounce rate, and more. Rampiq specializes in SEO for Shopify and Magento e-commerce stores, among others.

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Track early and often

The Rampiq team is experts at integrating powerful tracking and analytics tools with your online store. No more worrying about inaccurate data, double-counts, and buggy tracking. Rely on meticulous reports to make the most informed decisions.

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The Rampiq advantage

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Higher ROI

The customer journey is everything–from the click on an ad to a landing page to a shopping cart to a final purchase. We focus on every detail of the journey to recommend key optimizations that will enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

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Dedicated marketing support

While you focus on mission-critical operations, a dedicated account manager will keep you informed on campaign progress with detailed reports and marketing plans. We will never charge for extra hours without prior approval from you.

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Industry best practices

Our e-commerce marketing agency employs white hat practices and adheres to industry standards, especially when it comes to compliance with Google guidelines. This is ecommerce online marketing implemented the right way.

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Constant innovation

Creative marketing strategies give your brand a leg up. Rampiq keeps your campaigns relevant by incorporating the most up-to-date guidance from digital e-commerce marketing platforms, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Our services for e-commerce businesses



Strategic planning & campaign development

Whether you’re driving sales for specific products or services, or simply promoting your brand on a larger scale, Rampiq has you covered. Our ecommerce specialists craft thoughtful digital marketing campaigns designed around your unique goals, business needs, and target customers.



Web analytics & technical SEO

Go beyond the PPC copy and banner ads, and incorporate more technical components that enhance your shoppers’ user experiences. Responsive design, faster site speed, secure checkouts, and intuitive navigation–Rampiq tracks it all and works directly with your team to recommend and develop winning solutions.



Online campaign execution & support

Engage online shoppers with high-impact digital marketing campaigns, and trust Rampiq to provide constant optimization that ensures your marketing dollars go further. We set you up for success and then follow through with ongoing support, guidance, and e-commerce know-how.



Campaigns performance reporting & insights

In-depth analytics on the performance of your campaigns reveal how shoppers find you, what they do once they visit your site, and how many of them make a purchase. Rampiq’s comprehensive analytics reports help your business stay agile and respond to customer needs.



Content marketing services & ongoing optimizations

Content assets like blog articles, resource pages, and visual collateral outside of your basic product listings play a critical role in driving traffic to your site. More organic traffic improves SEO which leads to more customers and sales growth. Rampiq helps ecommerce companies leverage content and social media intelligently and effectively.

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Our clients’ feedback

I really enjoy working with the Rampiq team for over six years. They drive A LOT of value to our clients across various industries.

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Moish S.
CEO, 313 Group (Treemily)
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