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Client overview

Meet Simple: intermittent fasting app

Simple is an intermittent fasting, health coach, and meal tracking mobile app that helps people get valuable insights into their eating habits. Aimed to make the daily fasting routine simpler, the app allows users to track fasting windows and create an easy-to-follow eating routine. Simple helps people to establish healthy eating discipline and control weight. The app also features educational and motivational content to help its users stay mindful about their eating habits.

Vertical: SaaS, Startups

Their clients: People interested in a healthy lifestyle and intermittent fasting

Client’s business goals

Simple had big goals – to become the number one resource for those looking for information about intermittent fasting lifestyle, to increase the number of app installs, and to raise brand awareness in the intermittent fasting market. The client had a strong editorial team that was seeking professional content marketing support and guidance in the web space.

Client’s challenges

  • Low brand awareness in the intermittent fasting market
  • Low brand visibility for targeted keywords
  • No blog and web content marketing strategy

Solutions applied

Niche analysis and content strategy development

After careful customer personas review, Rampiq provided competitors and targeted audience analysis, and suggested a solid content marketing strategy for the new website and blog.

Website and blog launch supervision

Before the initial launch, Rampiq team provided content and technical recommendations to make sure the website and the blog will effectively support its visitors and the business when both resources go live.

Blog development and promotion

The Simple app blog was planned and set up from the ground up by the Rampiq SEO specialists in very close cooperation with the client editorial team. The blog promotion strategy was implemented to attract app installs.

Content marketing done right

Rampiq team worked very closely with the Simple editorial team on the blog content planning and optimization. Our team was driving keywords, topics and content formats research. The Simple editorial team then crafted high-quality and engaging content based on these briefs. This synergy was the key to rankings success.


The synergy between the Rampiq SEO team and the Simple editorial department generated effective results for increasing brand awareness in the intermittent fasting market and the lifestyle industry. With the precise content marketing strategy created by Rampiq specialists, Simple went beyond the lifestyle app for people interested in intermittent fasting. The client’s brand is now acknowledged by influencers and healthy lifestyle adepts as one of the main informational resources in the market.

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app visibility in the intermittent fasting niche


branded searches per month


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Client’s feedback:


CEO, Simple App

I truly enjoyed working with this professional, very attentive and responsible team.


Organic keywords acquired


branded searches per month


niche-related keywords in top 10 results

Client’s feedback:


CEO, Simple App

I truly enjoyed working with this professional, very attentive and responsible team.

Project highlights

Constantly growing brand’s audience

Total new users increased by 68%

Simple brand becomes more visible

Total organic impressions increased by 33%

Simple app became recognizable in the intermittent fasting market

Brand name impressions increased by 59%

Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts find Simple on the first page of Google search

Blog articles published on the Simple website can be found in the top-10 search results

Simple gives quick and easy-to-read answers to the questions people are searching

Blog articles published on the Simple website rank in Google’s featured snippets

Popular media and healthy lifestyle resources mention SimpleApp twice as often

The number of natural backlinks increased by 93% including mentions from niche influencers

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