Combine LinkedIn and SEO for More Leads in Your Business

In this article, we’ll cover how you can turn your paid ads and SEO into an evergreen marketing system that generates leads on autopilot.
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2023 UTM Parameters Guide & Best Practices

Get a free UTM parameters setup guide and tag your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other campaigns in a unified manner. This guide features Rampiq’s PPC team expertise across hundreds of projects and lets you build a transparent campaigns’ performance tracking system. Grab your FREE copy now!
Liudmila Kiseleva
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Alternative Online Channels to Scale Past Referrals For SaaS Sales

Customer referrals programs can be the key driver for your SaaS business as they usually give warm, loyal and ready-to-buy leads. But the caveat with referrals is the leads volume scalability. With this channel, you are heavily dependent on your existing customers base, and your sales can’t grow exponentially.
Liudmila Kiseleva
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