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increase in non-branded impressions


increase in ranking keywords

Client overview

Msoft: Custom Software Solution Developer and Technology Expert Partner

Founded in 2014, Msoft specializes in high-load, complex systems for enterprise clients. Msoft team’s digital transformation expertise spans online platforms, process automation, and strategic development. As a company, Msoft remains committed to driving innovation, embracing digital transformation, and delivering exceptional results for its clients. They are passionate about leveraging technology to create seamless user experiences, improve operational efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Vertical: Retail, gaming, healthcare, energy, banking and fintech, and media and telecom

Their clients: Software developers, game developers, retail managers, media marketers, healthcare providers

Client’s business goals

  1. Improvement of the website’s organic search result positions and online visibility
  2. Creation of an online software expert profile
  3. Bridging the gap in website performance rankings compared to competitors

Client’s challenges

  • Insubstantial organic leads from the website.
  • Strong market and industry competition.
  • Recently-launched website in requirement of a boost in SERP.

Solutions applied

strategy 1

Enhancing SEO rankings through regular monthly reviews

The Rampiq team conducted a comprehensive analysis of Msoft MoM online positions, recognizing the importance of staying updated with the latest trends and algorithms. This allowed them to adapt Msoft’s strategies and optimize the website accordingly. By conducting thorough and systematic reviews on a monthly basis, Rampiq ensures that Msoft’s SEO performance remains at its peak, driving increased visibility and organic traffic to its online resources.

seo 1

Conducting comprehensive competitor and niche analysis & identifying breaches in website’s technical SEO

Rampiq’s team conducted a thorough analysis of Msoft’s competitors and the niche market, delving deep into research to gather valuable insights. In addition to performing keyword research and the comprehensive website technical SEO audit, Msoft & Rampiq teams utilized the findings to craft an impactful promotion strategy. This strategy encompassed website optimization, the launch of a blog, and effective promotion across the web. Msoft flawlessly executed all planned activities and successfully implemented the promotion strategy, bolstering its expert profile.


Establishing content production guidelines

Rampiq understands that creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content is key to engaging and attracting target audiences. Through meticulous planning and execution, Rampiq ensures the seamless implementation of content marketing initiatives that align with Msoft’s goals and resonate with its target market. With Rampiq’s input, Msoft has continued to consistently deliver high-quality content, establish thought leadership, build brand authority, and drive meaningful engagement with its audience.


Msoft successfully solidified its position within the competitive landscape by implementing an impactful SEO strategy and leveraging a robust content marketing approach to gain a greater market share in its target markets. Within just six months of launching its blog, Msoft experienced a significant boost in relevant conversions, showcasing the effectiveness of its content-driven efforts. Notably, since the blog launch, Msoft witnessed a remarkable 1,164% increase in non-branded impressions and a notable 1,885% expansion in the number of keywords the website ranks for. The collaboration between Rampiq and Msoft ensured a successful launch of the new site, empowering Msoft to strengthen its brand presence and achieve wider online recognition of its expertise in the software development industry.

  • Before seo
  • After seo


strategy in place

No organic



leads from the website


space to showcase its expertise

Client’s feedback:

Wade Kraynov Msoft
Wade Kraynov

CBDO, Msoft

I’m impressed with the quality of work Rampiq’s team has done for our business. They listen closely and execute seamlessly, moving us towards our business goals.


of a fully search engine optimized website

1,164% increase

in non-branded impressions

1,885% increase

in ranking keywords


of a niche blog section promoting Msoft’s expertise

Client’s feedback:

Wade Kraynov Msoft
Wade Kraynov

CBDO, Msoft

I’m impressed with the quality of work Rampiq’s team has done for our business. They listen closely and execute seamlessly, moving us towards our business goals.

Project highlights

Organic users growth

Through the consistent implementation of a tailored content strategy, Msoft witnessed significant growth in organic traffic to its website, experiencing an impressive 156.76% organic user growth over the last 6 months

Continuously improving rankings

Using compelling blog content publications and diligent adherence to on-page SEO recommendations, the website experienced a remarkable surge of 1,164% in non-branded impressions and 1,885% expansion in the website’s keyword rankings.

Successful launch of a new website

Rampiq provided crucial, actionable on-site recommendations, ensuring a smooth and successful website launch. The collaboration between Msoft and Rampiq resulted in a solid online presence for Msoft, highlighting its commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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