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Best Practices in B2B Email Marketing For Success in 2022

Matt Baker
b2b email marketing quotes

From industry to industry, Email marketing is driving higher conversion rates than any other online marketing channel according to the most recent research by Hubspot.

Yet, configuring your email marketing right can be a challenging task, as you have to account for a number of factors to drive high open rates and deliver leads for your business.

This guide sets you up for success with your email campaigns as you plan your marketing activities for 2022. We will discuss some important B2B email marketing best practices, the main benefits of B2B email marketing, and some benchmarks for this marketing channel.


Why email marketing is so valuable for B2B companies?

B2B email marketing is the process of sending emails from one business body to another with the purpose of building awareness, offering partnerships, and selling goods or services. B2B emails are most often sent to decision-makers in target companies.

These decision-makers can be CEOs, investors, managers, or any other people who are in a position to make important business decisions. B2B email marketing is an increasingly popular way of getting products and services out to other businesses that might need them. 


B2B email marketing has the potential to produce an ROI of up to $42 for every 1$ spent, setting a very high ROI benchmark. Although it will generally be a lot lower in most niches, the overall marketing ROI is significantly more impressive when email marketing is implemented.

It is one of the most successful ways to build stronger relationships with customers, create a brand voice and increase brand awareness. 

B2B email marketing best practices

The best way to make your B2B email marketing campaign perform well is to get noticed. 72% of B2B buyers share valuable products and information via email, which makes for an incredible opportunity to tailor content that will be shared to multiple businesses and influencers, as well as company decision-makers. Before spreading brand awareness over email, make sure to create good subject lines for your emails, the ones that will attract attention early on.  

Opt-ins are also a very good way to create actionable campaigns. This is an extra chance to get prospects to engage with your content and reach out to your business. Remember that in B2B marketing, it is two people talking to each other instead of automated emails, so when sending another email, make it as personal as possible. Sign off as the person who has really written the email instead of ‘customer support’ or ‘info’; this will give you a higher chance of conversion and building partnerships. Below are a few more tips for successful B2B campaigns: 

Focus on the right roles

Although this seems relatively straightforward, a lot of B2B email marketers tend to overlook it. This is because it is much easier to focus on the customer when doing business-to-consumer marketing. In B2B, you have to make sure to target the decision-makers, not the individuals. Your email reaching a small-time manager of a large corporation is not enough, it must reach someone who has the power to take action and make large-scale business decisions. It’s often smart to focus on each decision maker separately rather than crafting a uniform email with minute changes, as the one-size-fits-all approach will not be appreciated by the recipient, making it seem as though you didn’t put enough effort into your marketing campaign. 

Mind your subject-lines 

An office worker usually receives 121 emails per day, and your target decision-makers receive even more, so they will not spend a lot of time paying attention to an email with a poor subject line. Although most subject line tricks have already been seen, it does not mean that you shouldn’t try to impress your recipient with a catchy subject line. 

In 2022, the best way to create a good subject line is to make it concise yet informative, make sure to exploit the FOMO concept (Fear of Missing Out), subtly, and of course, add a touch of personalization to every subject line that you create. Keep in mind that when adding links to your newsletter, the standard practice is to add three links or fewer to avoid over-crowding/stuffing, as well as not more than 1-2 images to personalize your newsletter. The golden rule is to remember that stuffing your newsletter with images and links will have adverse effects, and implementing the less-is-more approach will be highly beneficial and will lower the chances of your email going straight to the spam folder. In addition, mind the DKIM, which is a technical standard that helps protect email senders and recipients from spam, and phishing. It is a type of email authentication that permits an organization to claim responsibility for an email in a way that can be legitimized by the recipient.
Remember to check the list of spam triggering words before sending out emails, although these words may seem ordinary, they may activate the spam filter and send your mail right to the junk folder.

b2b email marketing best practices trigger wordsAccentuate lead nurturing

It so happens that B2B marketers are faced with a much longer sales cycle, which means that keeping your leads close is extremely important in the long run. Make sure to take each lead carefully through the sales cycle, answer their important questions, provide necessary content and make the right offer at the right time, which should all improve conversion rates. 

Email marketing is incredibly useful for lead nurturing as it offers direct communication with potential customers, nurturing leads smoothly without having to push them to make a decision. Coincidentally, business decision makers tend to trust email a lot more than they do social media channels. Forming good relationships with potential leads can one day transform into much-needed customer loyalty.


Work on responsive design 

Some great B2B email marketing campaigns fail because of seemingly insignificant issues such as design errors. Nonetheless, the responsiveness of your email is an important factor, as the design must be fully responsive regardless of the tech your recipient is using. Most of your leads will open their email on their phones. According to recent surveys, 59% of Millennials mainly use their smartphones to check their inbox, followed by 67% of Generation Z mobile users. If your email lacks responsive design, it will go straight to the bin so remember to pay extra attention to every image in your email and how it shows up on a phone screen. In addition, your subject line should be around 60 characters in order for it to show up in full on a phone screen and your call-to-action should be in the center of the message so that it is easily seen by your recipient. 

b2b email marketing best practices toolsUse appropriate tools 

To get the best out of your campaign, you need to use proper B2B email marketing tools that will help you reach your targets. To boost your email marketing productivity, consider using customer experience automation tools. These tools are used to manage, track and analyze email campaigns in a single place. When using email marketing automation tools, you can create impressive newsletter templates, test user responses, set up sending sequences and manage live chat communications.

b2b email marketing users number

B2C vs B2B email marketing

The chief objective of B2C marketing is to push consumers to products and purchases on a company’s website. In order to achieve this, the consumer must have a perfect email marketing experience. Regardless of the industry, be it toys, clothes and even beauty products, the goal is to get the target customer to pick you over your competitor. With B2C marketing, it is important to establish a personal connection with the customer. Figuring out which customers will be more likely to purchase the advertised product and creating a good connection with your audience is the most successful way to get customers to convert in the B2C niches. 

B2B works a little differently though. As it is a business-to-business communication, promotions are presented on occasion, but as most B2B businesses have to make educated decisions, the sales process is a lot longer.  An example can be a company trying to choose appropriate equipment for their staff, the degree of buying decisions is quite similar to B2C, but there is an additional procurement process in B2B emails. 

Due to the generally larger purchases, there is also a higher level of bureaucracy that is incurred, and oftnen the products that are ordered in bulk must pass a quality standard. B2B marketing serves as a great way to provide appropriate and useful information to potential clients about a product or a service. 

What are some benefits of B2B email marketing?

benefits b2b email marketing

Some marketers have negative views on B2B email marketing due to their personal experiences with junk mail and spam, but they often forget about the overall statistics and do not follow the B2B email marketing best practices. 87% of B2B marketers state that email is one of their top distribution channels. No wonder, as currently there are  4 billion daily email users, and this number is expected to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025. That is over half of the total population of Earth. More often than not, people look forward to emails that have information about their favorite brands and products. 

Getting your product to a point where the recipient is happy to see it takes a lot of dedicated email marketing, and is a fantastic way to get your product recognized. This marketing method enables your business to build a special relationship with the client by engaging them in all the important and notable brand and product evolution events, as well as giving them a chance to follow your business journey. 

Email marketing is on the rise as  40% of marketers say that email newsletters are fundamental for their marketing accomplishments, supported by the 99% of consumers and businesses who check their emails daily. So, from a sample of 12,000 businesses, 4,800 businesses have seen an influx of leads due to the implementation of a successful email campaign, and that is a very large number! Below are the top 3 benefits of B2B email marketing: 


1. Targeted email marketing 

Targeted B2B marketing is important for every brand. Although email marketing techniques have changed over time, the importance of targeted marketing only grew stronger.

Targeted marketing is a way of making sure that your emails make an impact on the recipient’s inbox.

This can be done by using the information you already know about your customers and creating tailored messages for specific groups.

This method is considered the most cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. It allows you to connect with businesses directly, and share information about your business and services in an easy and non-intrusive way. 

Information such as industry, job role, age, and gender can help in personalizing and segmenting emails to make sure that the message is relevant and interesting for the audience. In terms of B2B marketing, make sure that the emails you are crafting fit in nicely with the values and beliefs of your target business segment.

The benefits of targeting include building better relationships with your desired market and increasing ROI through target email marketing appeal. Marketers can sometimes see ROI increases of up to 760% when they send targeted segmented campaigns. 

communication with brands b2b email marketing best practices

2. Measured effectiveness 

Another benefit is that your success can be easily measured. Conversely, if your campaign is not doing as well as you wanted it to, you can find out why and make changes. There are a few essential email marketing metrics to look out for:

Open rate

Your open rate is the number of email recipients who opened your email compared to the total number of emails you sent. This is important because your email campaigns don’t mean anything unless people are opening and reading them. To get your open rate, you need to divide the number of opened emails by the number of total emails delivered. 

Click through rate 

Your email CTR is the number of people who have clicked on a link inside your email. A lot of the time, getting a business to click on a link inside your email is the main goal of the campaign, making it a very important metric to measure. 

Number of unsubscribes

You can track the number of businesses that unsubscribed from your newsletter or product emails. Although this can be quite discouraging, it can still be seen as a positive factor, as it means that you are fine-tuning your list of subscribers for the future. 

3. Simple design and launch procedures 

A good email marketing campaign does not require as much effort as a lot of other marketing techniques. It  is a lot easier to set up and reap significant results quickly if done correctly. It doesn’t take a long time to put together appropriate email templates for each target business segment, all that needs to be done is thorough research on the appropriate type of content that will fit for each business type. 


Types of emails for B2B email marketing campaigns

performance b2b email marketing best practicesThere are three types of unique email campaigns which all serve their own purpose: 

Batch Emails

Commonly known as batch and blast emails, batch emails do not have any intelligence built in, they are simply sent to everyone on a big mailing list, similar to a company newsletter that just goes out to everyone who is on the list. 

Nurture Emails 

These are targeted emails that are sent based on recipient personas, they are categorized into roles and industries. Nurture emails are generally used to target lead prospects through the sales funnels and make them loyal to the brand in the future. 

Trigger Emails 

These are personalized emails that are sent based on the actions of a prospect. There is some intelligence involved in this email method, as the process includes a prospect having to visit your website, and based on that activity, receive a personalized email. The advanced intelligence involved in this emailing technique is the reason why trigger emails perform much better than nurture or batch emails.

Final takeaways

To ensure the success of your B2B email marketing campaign, construct your emails so that they are personalized to every recipient, so that you are successfully nurturing leads that will turn into loyal customers. 

Focus your campaigns around people and not around enterprises, as adding a personal touch will go a long way in building long lasting B2B relationships and have a successful B2B email marketing campaign in 2022. 

In terms of technicalities, double check that your emails have responsive design so that they are well received and not sent straight to the trash folder, regardless of the quality of your content. 

Here at Rampiq Agency, our specialists pride themselves in their extensive email marketing knowledge, using up-to-date looks and analytics to be ahead of the email marketing curve. To find out more about our insights, contact us today and learn everything about starting successful campaigns, with Rampiq assisting you through every step of the way.

About the author
Matt Baker

Matt is Rampiq’s digital marketing manager and strategy guru. He drives clients’ projects and is engaged in internal marketing activities. Matt’s super-power is content marketing planning and execution.

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