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Download Advanced SaaS Marketing Metrics Whitepaper by Rampiq


SaaS marketing becomes more and more complex over time. Gone are the days when the main marketing budget spend efficiency measure was to deliver enough leads for affordable costs.

Now, SaaS businesses need to measure marketing efforts in a more advanced way to justify costs and facilitate growth.

Furthermore, the role of marketing in SaaS evolved: now, SaaS marketing teams need to support customers at practically all stages of their journey:

advanced saas metrics whitepaperAnd here comes another problem that SaaS CEOs face often: the tension between Sales and Marketing teams. These teams tend to be in conflict most of the time instead of driving growth together.

Luckily, modern marketing and sales tools give a strong common ground for both teams: data. Using the right metrics on a regular basis can facilitate SaaS Marketing and Sales teams’ alignment and promote growth. 

Our whitepaper covers a set of Advanced SaaS Marketing Metrics that CEOs and executives need to monitor and evaluate on a regular basis in order to keep marketing and sales efforts aligned, and recession-proof. 

Download our Advanced SaaS Marketing Metrics Whitepaper PDF and read on to learn more about how your SaaS business can benefit from measuring the following sets of advanced Saas marketing metrics:

Teams interaction metrics:

  • Sales accepted leads 
  • Not-a-fit leads 
  • Re-engaged leads

Recession-proofing metrics:

  • Disqualification rate 
  • Cost per demo
  • Time to contract

Time-sensitive metrics:

  • 2nd class leads 
  • Time to reaction

Looking for more in-depth information? Watch our Advanced SaaS Metrics series on Rampiq’s official YouTube channel.

About the author
Liudmila Kiseleva

Liudmila is one of the best-in-class digital marketers and a data-driven, very hands-on agency owner. With top-level education and experience, Liudmila is a true expert when it comes to digital marketing strategies and execution.

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