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Client overview

Meet Petrosoft: all-in-one solution for gas stations and c-stores

Founded in 2002, today Petrosoft offers a range of cloud-based software, hardware and services, covering everything from point-of-sale (POS) systems, foodservice and fuel management to back-office operations and analytics for gas stations, c-stores, and specialty retail operators.

Vertical: SaaS

Their clients: Gas stations, Convenience stores, Specialty retailers

Client’s business goals

  1. Give marketing and sales teams visibility into lead generation channels performance and effectiveness.
  2. Streamline paid ads and other marketing channels to provide a sustainable quality lead generation system.
  3. Develop the first version of cross-team campaign planning and execution processes.

Client’s challenges

  • The client had very limited visibility into leads sources and channels, as well as into real lead costs. 
  • Poor leads quality (very high disqualification rate was reported by Sales team) 
  • Low leads volume overall

Solutions applied

Group 991

Analytics dashboard development

CRM and Google Analytics integration, interactive Marketing dashboard setup. Our team provided a solution to track real lead source data up to the keyword level. Together with the client’s BI team we designed the new Marketing dashboard. The dashboard tracks vital leads quality KPIs by channel, source, paid ads campaign, landing page, etc. and aggregates this data to actionable insights. This visibility to leads quality by channel is the key integration point between sales and marketing team efforts.

Group 990

Leads quality improvement

Careful leads disqualification reasons analysis led to decreasing the disqualification rate from 70% to 35%.

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Deep dive into paid ads.

Landing pages development, A/B testing, custom audiences, interests, bids, remarketing and other tactics applied allowed to drive x4 quality leads from paid channels.

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SEO power-up

Together with the client team we progressed from technical optimization to link-building and overall organic keywords growth.


Petrosoft got x4 qualified leads from online marketing efforts and dramatically increased the web leads share in the company’s annualized revenue. Apart from extremely positive financial impact, our partnership helped to align Sales and Marketing efforts via in-depth leads quality analysis by source. Interactive, fully data-driven marketing dashboard became the decision-making tool for all teams.

  • Before seo
  • After seo


Disqualification rate


Web leads in pipeline share


qualified leads from paid ads 

Client’s feedback:

экрана 2021 10 07 в 15.46.59
Sergei Gorloff

CEO, Petrosoft

Working with Rampiq was a profitable investment into our business growth.


Disqualification rate


Web leads in pipeline share


qualified leads from paid ads

Client’s feedback:

экрана 2021 10 07 в 15.46.59
Sergei Gorloff

CEO, Petrosoft

Working with Rampiq was a profitable investment into our business growth.

Project highlights

Online marketing leads brought 67% of the total sales pipeline.

For the first time in company history, Request a Demo (web forms) brought higher annualized revenue results than other channels.

Impressive campaigns stats
  • 3.8K text ads used in Google and Bing
  • 46 remarketing audiences in Google and other paid systems
  • 18 Landing pages
  • 10 bids strategy experiments
SEO expansion
  • 260+ keywords allocated
  • 180+ high quality backlinks acquired

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Rampiq figure of the day:

Link-building, that increased backlinks number by