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Increase in new users

Client overview

Meet Treemily: online family tree builder

Treemily is an online family tree builder designed to keep the memory of your family’s past generations alive with the help of diverse family chart visualizations. Treemily is a freemium product that offers a variety of options for building and personalizing family trees to create a stunning visualization of one’s family history.

Vertical: SaaS, Startups

Their clients: Family history research enthusiasts, genealogists

Client’s business goals

At the beginning of Treemily and Rampiq cooperation, the client already had the first version of the product developed. One of the biggest challenges discovered during the business analysis stage was a single-page website that was not visible to search engines. Treemily goals were clear and straightforward – create a new website and launch activities aimed to attract new users, increase the number of paid subscriptions, and keep its existing clients constantly engaged. 

Client’s challenges

  • Low brand awareness in the genealogy software market
  • Poor engagement with existing users
  • Non-indexed website

Solutions applied

Niche analysis and tech report development

Rampiq analyzed the competitors’ websites, their online strategies, created customer persona profiles, and carefully examined the options on how to grow the existing website based on the niche’s best practices. Based on this analysis, Rampiq developed SEO and technical recommendations to make sure the new business website is set up for success from the first day. 

Robust product KPIs analytics system setup

Rampiq business analysts set up a robust automated KPIs tracking system to evaluate the performance of pilot campaigns for Facebook, Bing, and Google on a regular basis. Our team set up automated testing of different user flow scenarios to help our client find pitfalls in user interaction and locate opportunities for keeping users more engaged with the product.

Content strategy development

Rampiq provided a solid content marketing strategy including SMM and blog development to support Treemily’s brand expansion in the genealogy niche and keep its audience constantly updated about the business. For the SMM strategy implementation, Rampiq team chose Instagram, Facebook, and an existing Pinterest account as the main channels. Blog articles and guest posting development, from briefs creation and copywriting to final SEO validation, was handled completely by the Rampiq content marketing team.    

SEO and outreach strategy development

Rampiq SEO strategy for Treemily was mainly focused on link building to improve website search rankings, increase traffic, and make the client’s brand more visible in the niche. Rampiq team also suggested an email marketing strategy and introduced email campaigns automation to keep their new and existing customers engaged with the brand. 

PPC ad campaigns launch

Rampiq team thoughtfully set up and launched a PPC ad campaign to target the client’s audience and drive website traffic and conversions. This included drafting the ad copy and designing the creatives. Rampiq has been monitoring the campaign’s performance and providing actionable reports in order to maintain the optimal cost per click and conversion rate while staying within the budget. 

A/B testing

Rampiq team designed new landing pages to run A/B testing with Google Optimize and see which of the online experiences perform better. A/B testing helped to discover which pages’ versions drive more user engagement and generate more registrations. With these results, the client started the website redesign to improve the website’s performance and increase conversion rates.


Since Treemily did not have an in-house marketing team, Rampiq took up this role completely. Along with the initial content, SEO, PPC, and SMM strategy development, Rampiq has been providing continuous digital marketing support throughout Treemily’s product development and growth, keeping the business’ user base growing and constantly engaged. 

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Client’s feedback:

Moish Soloway

CEO, 313 Group 

I really enjoy working with the Rampiq team for over six years. They drive A LOT of value to our clients across various industries.


increase in the number of new users


increase in organic impressions 


registration to demo


signup rate

Client’s feedback:

Moish Soloway

CEO, 313 Group 

I really enjoy working with the Rampiq team for over six years. They drive A LOT of value to our clients across various industries. 

Project highlights

Video production and promotion services from the ground up

Rampiq team handled video tutorial production for the Treemily demo products and developed a strategy for their promotion.

Rampiq applied its cross-industry expertise to boost results

Through custom analysis, research and testing, our team helped the client shift the messaging of its business to make it more compelling for the target audience, which helped grow the number of active users and increase revenue.

Engaging with key customers through demo promotion

379% increase in the number of demo requests

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