Inbound lead gen strategy for B2B IT company

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Competitors’ referring domains analyzed


Competitors’ keywords analyzed

Client overview

San Francisco-based IT company

Founded in 2010, the company has grown and matured into becoming one of the top medium-sized software development agencies in the world servicing some of the top startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Vertical: Full-service software development company

Their clients: E-commerce, e-learning companies, digital asset management systems

Client’s business goals

  1. To understand what the niche benchmark for the number of keywords and backlinks is, and where the company stands among the competition. 
  2. To learn what digital marketing activities the competitors perform and how they drive results.
  3. To discover the most effective way of targeting a very specific type of leads – e-commerce applications running on Shopify and Shopify Plus in need of complex 3rd party software or ERP integrations.

Client’s challenges

  • Lack of in-house resources and expertise to conduct in-depth digital marketing research
  • Need for the strategy to be created based on strong marketing analysis
  • Limited understanding of how to target very specific types of companies

Solutions applied

strategy 1

We searched and identified established players in the Shopify Plus development niche by using such parameters as company type, domain rating, total number of referring domains, traffic, organic keywords, new referring domains, new organic keywords, paid ads keywords, and keywords in the top 100.

seo 1

We ran in-depth research on the competitors’ inbound tactics featuring:

    1. Backlinks they currently have, and
    2. Keywords they currently rank for.
pay per click 1

We wrapped all data into powerful interactive MS PowerBI reports for visualization.

money 1

Based on activities identified as the most effective for lead generation for the competition, we put together a promotion plan and suggested an effective inbound strategy to get Shopify Plus contracts. The overall approach is divided into the following activities:

    1. PPC campaigns.
    2. On-page content and technical optimization. 
    3. Content marketing. 
    4. Off-page promotion of the website on third-party sites.


As a result of the activities performed, we developed a clear view of who the company’s best-performing competitors are and what exactly they do to be on top of the niche. In addition to that, we created interactive PowerBI data visualization dashboards that allow gaining actionable insights from aggregated backlinks’ and keywords data of the competitors. This made it clear what promotion methods and targeting techniques the client should use to be able to acquire the specific types of leads they need.

Client's feedback:

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We have been working together with Rampiq on multiple projects for over 5 years now, and it has been a great partnership experience. So when our company had a need for crafting a strategy to reach Shopify Plus companies, I knew where to go for help.

Project highlights

Powerful data visualizations

We implemented interactive competitor data visualizations using MS PowerBI reports

Big data sample for analysis

Total competitors’ keywords analyzed: 42,096

Detailed competitors activity research

Total competitors’ referring domains analyzed: 8865.

Solid game plan

Detailed game plan for multi-channel lead generation for Shopify Plus development services

Clear activities timeline

In addition to the strategic part, we designed the activities timeline and thoroughly planned resources for its execution

Analytics framework in place

Last but not least, we suggested and implemented lead gen web analytics framework to ensure timely results reporting at all campaign stages

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