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How to Identify Content That Converts Prospects Into SaaS Sales

The ROI on SaaS content marketing is still a gray area for many SaaS marketing teams. The investment into quality content is usually high, but it’s rather hard to attribute sales to specific content performance to justify it.

Often, SaaS marketing teams have trouble getting approvals for content production budgets, unless they can prove how exactly this investment helps with driving more sales.

However, with properly tuned SaaS CRMs, finding answers to content performance questions becomes much easier, as now we can rely on specific metrics.

2 metrics to determine content that converts prospects into SaaS sales

We can look into a few metrics to establish a specific understanding of which content actually drives closed deals or subscriptions.

Here are the metrics to analyze:

Landing pages

Although this metric can sound like a very basic one, it has a lot of decision-making power if you connect it to the rest of the steps in a SaaS user journey.

A landing page is the first page that a visitor sees on your website and this is how they start their content interaction journey (in most cases). You can analyze landing pages performance in two ways:

First, review the landing pages that drive more sales (directly connecting the landing page with the closed deal).

Then, review the landing pages that drive further interactions with your content, and then lead to actual sales. This analysis usually unlocks a ton of insights into what content participated in conversion paths.

With this, you can identify content interaction patterns that lead to closed deals and invest more into the landing pages that drive more of that content interaction.

Important content

This metric is a bit more advanced than analyzing landing pages, exit pages, or converting pages. This is the content that typically drives sales, not just leads.

The best way to find important content is to connect web analytics data with the later stages of the user journey stored in CRM.

If you can pull all the pages that your converted prospects visited while going through the decision process and then through the sales cycle, you will get a list of content that they interacted with more often. And this is the content that you would like to promote more.

Action points

As soon as you discover top-performing landing pages and your important content, it would be a good idea to inform the sales team about your findings. Thus, you will keep them alert on which content their converting prospects usually see and thus you can add value to sales scripts and conversations. 

You may also want to add these findings to your leads scoring model so that deal probabilities are calculated more accurately in your CRM. I.e. you may want to add more qualification points to prospects who landed on a certain page and/or viewed certain content on your website. 

This article is a part of Rampiq’s “Helping SaaS Marketing Teams Maximize CRM Value” series brought to you by Liudmila Kiseleva, our CEO.

Here’s the video where Liudmila explains these metrics in more detail:

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Liudmila is one of the best-in-class digital marketers and a data-driven, very hands-on agency owner. With top-level education and experience, Liudmila is a true expert when it comes to digital marketing strategies and execution.

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