Key SEO metrics for cybersecurity startups benchmark research by Rampiq agency

Rampiq carried out benchmark research on some of the key SEO metrics amongst 40 cybersecurity startups to see how they measure up. The key metrics measured are the new and total keywords, new and existing backlinks and domain rating.
Matt Baker

Key SEO metrics for healthcare startups to work on – benchmark research by Rampiq agency

The healthcare startups industry research was conducted by analyzing key SEO factors and comparing them to other companies in the same niche, the factors that were taken into account were domain ratings, number of backlinks, new backlinks, total keywords, new keywords as well as pay per click keyword.
Matt Baker

Pet startups market – digital marketing research by Rampiq agency

The Rampiq agency team recently conducted digital marketing research on the pet startups market in the US to see how businesses are performing online.
Matt Baker